Looking on the bright side…

Today marks the first time in 38 years that all of North America will see a total eclipse of the sun. The moon will completely cover the sun and observers outside will be able to see a partial solar eclipse when the moon covers part of the sun’s disk.

In light of talking about sunlight (you see what I did right there) the solar eclipse should send us a gentle reminder to always look on the bright side.

This sounds cheesy, I know, but it can change your mood and in fact your whole day, week and/or month.

Over the past year I’ve had someone very close to me constantly me remind me to be positive. Although I found it annoying at first, as someone who is usually a realist, it can honestly affect your life in such a large way.

In every situation, difficult or not, always look on the bright side. Positively look at everything you do and you will notice a huge difference.

Cut the negativity out of your life and be better!

Photo Credit- Shriya @sparklewithme


Pure lavender bliss

As summer comes to an end, it’s a personal mission of mine to complete everything on my bucket-list that I created at the beginning of the season.

One item on my list was visiting a local lavender farm, Terre Bleu, located in Milton.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I had the pleasure of exploring the farm this past weekend with a friend and it was everything I could have imagined and more– almost like a mini trip to Provence, France except it’s in Ontario lol.

The farm was just under an hour away from my house. I didn’t mind driving the distance because the road trip was so beautiful. To get to Terre Bleu, I drove through a small town called Brookville that was so delightful. The country roads were filled with wild flowers, animals and beautiful estates.

The admission to Terre Bleu was only $10. Upon arriving to the farm, there was plenty of wonderful staff members who greeted us with a warm welcome. We took a tour when we arrived that was so informative. We had the chance to learn about English versus French lavender, how the lavender is harvested & how the staff members make pure lavender essential oil.

My favourite part of the tour: learning the process of making lavender essential oil. It was so fascinating to see the machine that was imported from Portugal that the farm staff makes the oil with, as well learn about the lengthy process. Now I understand why essential oil is so expensive! Our tour guide told us 500 ML of lavender essential oil will sell for close to $2,000.

Towards the end of the tour, our guide took us to their apiary where they extract delicious honey from their beehives.

After the tour we explored the other field of lavender on the opposite side of the property. Terre Bleu has such a beautiful farm! It’s the perfect location for wedding or engagement photos, or even a classic family photo-shoot.

When we were done exploring, we had to try their lavender ice-cream that we’d seen all over Instagram. Although the ice-cream wasn’t made in house, the staff ensured that the dairy used to make the cold treat was all local, and the lavender used to make the ice-cream was of course from Terre Bleu farm.

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Things I would do next time:

  1. Come earlier in the season. This past weekend was Terre Bleu’s last weekend in bloom. Next year I will visit closer to June/July to see the full field in bloom.
  2. Pack food! Terre Bleu allows you to pack your own food. When we were enjoying our ice-cream, we saw a family having a picnic on one of their picnic tables beside the field. Such a cute day-time outing.

Overall it was a wonderful visit to Terre Bleu and I would highly recommend it!

Fashion Trend: PEARLS

I’ve always been a girly girl, so naturally this season’s blush pink & pearl trend is right up my alley.

I found some #FabFinds at Winners this past week! Spring oxfords and slides decked out with oyster pearls and I’m in love.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I went a half a size up in this shoe. They are SO comfortable. I walked all day in them and felt nothing. The brand is Pertini from Spain– great quality. 


 A close up shot with a sweater I purchased @ Winners as well:

Both shoes are Pertini from Spain. The slides are also extremely comfortable and have amazing detail on them!


The oxfords were $140.00 and the slides were $99.99, both before tax. I never cheap out on shoes…even though I didn’t break the bank with these pairs, you want to invest your money in shoes for comfort.

You can tell with these two pairs that they’re very well made which is important. Look for quality when shoe-shopping.

And pearls of course! This Spring fashion trend will dress up any outfit, and make casual shoes perfect for the office or a night out.

Spring cleaning your closet

Are florals and pastels tempting you and your credit card to run to the nearest mall and hit your favourite stores?

You are not alone!

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to clean your wardrobe and make room for new pieces to get emotionally attached to.

It took me almost 2 full days, but I FINALLY  have organized my closet. Even if that means squeezing as many hangers as I can on the clothing rack in my closet and squishing as much as I could into my armoire (heh), I have given my closet a brand new look.

Here are some of my tips to giving your closet a little TLC this spring season:

  1. You need music– before starting this big chore, get a good playlist going (TY Drake for releasing your new album this week)
  2. Make a “dump” pile that you will sell/donate to a charity– if you’re not using it, don’t be selfish…someone else who is less fortunate will get good use out of it.
  3.  If you haven’t worn it in a year, ditch it– don’t let attachment issues get in the way of letting your closet breath!
  4. Get creative! Organize your tank tops, shirts, blazers, pants, skirts & dresses by colour, length etc. (your morning routine will be a lot easier in the long run)
  5. Make your shelves look pretty– who said fashion pieces can’t be a part of your interior decorating? I chose to make a little art piece of my own with my purse collection. I used a few of my statement clutches as bedroom decor, and took organizing my purse shelf to a whole new level.

Once it’s done you will honestly feel AMAZING! I thought I’d never see the light in my closet, but after some sweat and a few cuts from hangers and sequins… I DID IT and you can too!


Happy Spring cleaning lovers xo

Increasing your reach

Facebook is an American profit organization that has been around for close to 15 years.

In my opinion, Facebook as a social media site peeked about 7-10 years ago for Millennials. Since then the site has taken a back burner among other leading social media applications. Now, I see my aunts and uncles using Facebook more often than I use it.

Getting likes on Facebook can be quite difficult if you do not constantly share your business or personal page.

Over the years, Facebook has introduced different filters in order to de-clutter users’ news feeds. These filters make it even more difficult to ensure that content on your Facebook page is being seen.

Take Sam’s Shop for example.

How can Sam get his first 10,000 page likes? How long will this take?

Photo from: https://www.entrepreneur.com/topic/facebook 

According to Jayson DeMers, a Contributor of Forbes, “There are now an estimated 40 million small businesses using Facebook to promote their brand and connect with their customers.”

How does a small shop like Sam compete with 40 million other businesses?

DeMers has some great tips to increase Facebook Page likes in his article “50 Free Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes” and here are my top 7 favourite tips:

  1. Visual imagery use images to entice your audience, a picture really does paint a thousand words.
  2. Videos- images are great, but videos are even better… 15 second video clips on social media spread like wild fire.
  3. Variety- keep it interesting, people will unlike your page if you are not creative with your posts and post the same thing over and over.
  4. Use Facebook’s Page Plugin- share your Facebook information on other websites to increase your reach!
  5. Contests- people love winning free stuff, give them what they want!
  6. Tag other Pages in your post- the more people you involve in your posts, the further the post will go (don’t promote other pages, but incorporate them into your content).
  7. Engage- there is nothing worse than liking a page and then the page goes “dead”… give your followers what they want to see; reply to their comments, like their posts, tag them in photos/your content to personalize their Facebook connection with your business!

Getting likes on Facebook can take some time if you’re doing all the work yourself. Do not be afraid to invest into the social media sites!

The money you put forward in order to boost your page can give you long-term business connections that could make you more money than you invest!

Say Sam’s Shop invested $30.00 to promote his business. This promotion through Facebook could reach 3,000-6,000 people in the London community.

$30.00 for thousands of people to see his business and potentially purchase his merchandise.

Sam could get 10,000 likes before he knows it!

Word Count: 450 (minus this sentence)


Oscars 2017: Fashion Hits & Misses

That’s a wrap on awards season this year.

It was an Oscars night that everyone will remember for envelope mishaps. However, we can’t forget about the amazing looks (or questionable looks) celebrities rocked on the red carpet. Here are my picks for fashion hits and misses last night.

Fashion Hits

Taraji Henson- ultimate glam look



rs_634x1024-170226153921-634-taraji-p-hensen.cm.22617 2.jpg

Jessica Biel- all gold everything


You-Crazy-About-Jessica-Biel-Kaufmanfranco-Gown 2.jpg

Kirsten Dunst- classy Dior ( + the choker that gives me life)


dior 2.jpg

Alicia Vikander- lace beauty



Fashion Misses

Dakota Johnson- love the Gucci, but not on her

close 2.jpg

rs_634x1024-170226161746-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-dakota-johnson 2.jpg

Olivia Culpo- the dress is amazing… but the hair needs to go

Olivia-Culpo-Makeup-Hair-Oscars-2017 2.jpg

rs_634x1024-170226144353-634-academy-awards-oscars-2017-arrivals-olivia-culpo 2.jpg

Scarlett Johansson- too casual for the Oscars


Halle Berry-you can do better Hal!

Halle-Berry-Oscars-2017-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Atelier-Versace-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-4 2.jpg


How did I spend my long weekend weekend- with good food and better company.

To me, there is nothing better than an amazing brunch meal. If I could choose one meal of the day, 110x over I would choose breakfast.

Yesterday I ate at local restaurant that has a pretty tasty brunch menu. My family and I enjoyed the Spring weather in the dead of winter.


I spent my Family Day with my cousins at my favourite brunch spot in Toronto: La Societe.


The vibe is amazing. Marble tiles on the floor, stainless glass ceilings. The restaurant overlooks Yorkville, and on a sunny day, the dining room is perfectly lit with natural light.

Today I ordered the Parisian Ham Benedict– Dijon glazed ham, hollandaise, pommes Lyonnaise.


“Bottomless Brunch” is their drink special. You can get an unlimited number of mimosas, Caesars and/or prosecco for $35.00 a person while eating a scrumptious meal.

This spot is a regular for me to satisfy my brunch cravings and I can’t wait to go back!

P.S. Their scones are everything.

Classy, elegant and delicious.