How to Grow Your Hair in 21 Days

We have all had a bad haircut that we instantly regret…the thought of growing your hair for months afterwards is most definitely cringe worry.

Stress no more because I have the solution: prenatal vitamins.

Photo from “What to Expect” blog. 

You might think I’m crazy but they work and no, they will not get you pregnant! I have tried absolutely everything to grow my hair. I’ve even gone as far as not blow drying, straightening or curling my hair for 4 months straight, and prenatal vitamins have been my only success story.

Prenatal vitamins are a good, all-around vitamin for your body. Depending on the brand, the vitamins’ ingredients can vary. However, most prenatal vitamins contain folic acid and iron.

On top of the prenatal vitamins you can also take silica supplements which help your hair, skin and nails. The more, the merrier.

I took silica for 4 months and personally didn’t notice much hair growth. I did however notice my hair getting slightly thicker and shinier.

The biggest difference for me was when I started taking the prenatal. Within a few weeks my hair grew an inch or more and was much thicker.

Fret no more! Take your vitamins + have luscious locks within a few months.

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