Galentine’s Day Plans?

February 14th is a few days away and everyone has L.O.V.E. on their mind.

Does Valentine’s Day only have to be for couples? Heck no.

Scrap the V for a G and you’ve got yourself a holiday: Galentine’s Day. 

I’m currently in a relationship but I think it’s important to celebrate love not just with your significant other, but everyone around you. Even though the way we act on February 14th should be how we act every other day of the year, it’s a cute holiday to make the people in your life feel a little bit sweeter.

So what should you and your gals do to celebrate your love for each other? Check out my list:

  1. GALS TIME @ WINE O’CLOCK– Everyone bring their favourite bottle of wine (red only of course) to one of your houses and have yourself a wine and cheese night.
  2. MEET FOR SWEETS– Bakery crawl: gather a few of your gf’s and head to 5 of your favourite bakeries in the city because there are tons of yummy specials on this LOVEly day.
  3. “BE MINE SOIREE”– Invite your girlfriends over for a pink & red filled dinner & be sure to have a great playlist filled with female artists who rock our world.
  4. GRL POWER LADY DATE- You and your bestie hit the gym for a great workout to remind yourselves how much you love who you are inside and out.
  5. JAR OF LOVE- Have a nice coffee date equipped with sticky pads. Write 3 things you’re thankful for, for each of your girlfriends sitting at the table. Go around in a circle and take your turns reading them out from the jar.

This cute “Galentine’s Day” checklist from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls site is perfect to include in your festivities…

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls.jpg

Other cute ideas for your sweet get togethers are XO balloons, a heart wall for a cute photog session, pink champagne is a must and TONS and TONS of chocolate.

Whoever you love, show them on Feb. 14th.


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