Her Night Out

After a long week of schoolwork and classes, there’s nothing quite like a night out with your friends.

The anticipation sitting through your last 3-hour lecture for the day is worth it when you hit the dance floor later on that evening.

As you finish up your look for the night with the last stroke of lipstick on your lips, you think to yourself, “Tonight is going to be a good night.”

That’s what Shannon Morgan thought on January 5th—but her night unfolded much differently.

The 4th year student’s enjoyable thirsty Thursday on Richmond Row ended in tears after a traumatic series of events she experienced throughout the night.

Morgan was sexually harassed a total of 4 times before she stepped foot back in her home at the end of the night:

“As I’m kind of leaving the bar, some guy feels me up and grabs me, just cause they felt like it. I walked to Pita Pit and on my way there some guy catcalls me using really gross terms. And then in the Pita Pit 2 guys just kind of held my coat and then reached up under it and then when I got into the cab, the cab driver started making all these comments about my appearance.”

Morgan was brave enough to share her night out online.



Within 24 hours she received an overwhelming number of responses from her post on Facebook, “I got close to 20 messages from random people and friends just telling me, you know, the exact same thing happened to me.”



Then came the movement #mynightout.

Morgan created an account on Instagram titled “My Night Out” that goes along with the trending hashtag.

Her story went viral.

Morgan’s experience is a sad reality of what many women face every day, not only when going out but on a daily basis.


Morgan encourages women to do what makes them feel comfortable, “Find a network of women who are going to support you and a network of men who are also going to support you. There’s no shame, you haven’t done anything to deserve the way you’ve been treated.”

Morgan has received many stories of women who have been sexually harassed since starting her movement. The account @mynightout shows the raw truth of women being treated as objects, and no one doing anything about it. This account aims to bring awareness to the community about the ongoing issue of sexual harassment and put an end to it.

If you have a night out like her don’t be silent—speak up.

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