It’s amazing how one post on social media has the power to change an image of an entire company.

That is what happened this week to United Airlines when the company barred girls in leggings on a flight for not meeting dress code.

One internal situation that went viral to start controversy amongst customers, and even celebrities on social media.

The two teenage girls were not paying customers, therefore they were required to meet dress code flying with a companion. United pass travellers are typically employees, or their friends/family.

Tweets from a fellow passenger went viral causing mayhem across the world.

Even celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen spoke out about the situation.

After the social media war took off, United Airlines responded to the mixed opinions online stating: “To our customers… your leggings are welcome!” 

I think it’s amazing and scary that in a matter of 140 characters or less, a company’s reputation can be at jeopardy. Although I am completely against how the United Airlines employee treated the teenage girls on their flight, it’s frightening to see the impact of a few comments online.

I personally have felt the influence of online comments after posting an article of my own.

A few negative comments can go a long way. Constructive criticism is always healthy for anyone or any company.

However, I feel as though online users utilize hiding behind a screen to an extreme.

If you wouldn’t read your tweet aloud to someone, or read your comment to someone’s face, don’t type it at all.

What are your thoughts on this?