Looking on the bright side…

Today marks the first time in 38 years that all of North America will see a total eclipse of the sun. The moon will completely cover the sun and observers outside will be able to see a partial solar eclipse when the moon covers part of the sun’s disk.

In light of talking about sunlight (you see what I did right there) the solar eclipse should send us a gentle reminder to always look on the bright side.

This sounds cheesy, I know, but it can change your mood and in fact your whole day, week and/or month.

Over the past year I’ve had someone very close to me constantly me remind me to be positive. Although I found it annoying at first, as someone who is usually a realist, it can honestly affect your life in such a large way.

In every situation, difficult or not, always look on the bright side. Positively look at everything you do and you will notice a huge difference.

Cut the negativity out of your life and be better!

Photo Credit- Shriya @sparklewithme


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