Dramatic sleeves, yes please!

The trend du jour is the statement sleeve.

This is something we saw towards the end of last year, but we are seeing dramatic sleeves everywhere we look in 2017.

Another trend from Spring/Summer of last year was the OTS- off the shoulder- that has transferred over into Fall/Winter even though it’s slightly chilly for cold shoulders.

I found the best of both worlds and I had to share:

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Gilbert OTS Ruffled Blouse- $88

I am IN LOVE with this blouse. It comes in both white and blue. I chose the blue for the pop of colour. Paired with a nice blue denim wash and a pointy heel it’s perfect for date night. If you want to go for a more casual look, a messy bun, ripped BF jeans and a bright boot would be super cute as well.

It’s sophisticated, yet fun.

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Purchased @ Mendocino Oakville

This is one of my many dramatic sleeves that are currently in my closet.

Stay tuned for more on adding ruffles and bell sleeves into your daily looks xx

The Vintage Mom Jean Fit Trend

The key to release your inner Beyonce is a nice fitted pair of jeans.

A recent denim fit that has helped my derriere is the mom jean.

This type of fit cinches your waist and gives you a more curvy look. With a straight cut around your ankles, a nice bootie paired with a mom jean is a great look.

The vintage fit denim trend has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. Many fashion bloggers and celebrities rock the look including a personal favourite of mine, Kendall Jenner.


So where can you find these bootylicious jeans?  Most people thrift mom jeans, however many denim brands have created their own versions of the mom fit trend so you can find this old trend brand new. I’m not that into thrifting but I have friends who have grabbed great Tommy jeans, vintage Guess jeans and even Levi’s.

My mom jean fits are from Zara and under $50.

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A few other brands that carry a mom jean for a little more mula are…

  1. Citizens of Humanity
  2. AG Jeans
  3. Cheap Monday
  4. FRAME Denim
  5. Alexander Wang

How do you wear this denim fit?

A crop is always a good option to pair with a mom jean. But, you don’t have to show your tummy to make these jeans look good. A loose knit crew neck creates an awesome look as well.

If you really want to go for a retro look, pair your mom jeans with a chunky turtle neck and/or classic button up and a leather jacket.

MOMica approves of these jeans!

Her Night Out

After a long week of schoolwork and classes, there’s nothing quite like a night out with your friends.

The anticipation sitting through your last 3-hour lecture for the day is worth it when you hit the dance floor later on that evening.

As you finish up your look for the night with the last stroke of lipstick on your lips, you think to yourself, “Tonight is going to be a good night.”

That’s what Shannon Morgan thought on January 5th—but her night unfolded much differently.

The 4th year student’s enjoyable thirsty Thursday on Richmond Row ended in tears after a traumatic series of events she experienced throughout the night.

Morgan was sexually harassed a total of 4 times before she stepped foot back in her home at the end of the night:

“As I’m kind of leaving the bar, some guy feels me up and grabs me, just cause they felt like it. I walked to Pita Pit and on my way there some guy catcalls me using really gross terms. And then in the Pita Pit 2 guys just kind of held my coat and then reached up under it and then when I got into the cab, the cab driver started making all these comments about my appearance.”

Morgan was brave enough to share her night out online.



Within 24 hours she received an overwhelming number of responses from her post on Facebook, “I got close to 20 messages from random people and friends just telling me, you know, the exact same thing happened to me.”



Then came the movement #mynightout.

Morgan created an account on Instagram titled “My Night Out” that goes along with the trending hashtag.

Her story went viral.

Morgan’s experience is a sad reality of what many women face every day, not only when going out but on a daily basis.


Morgan encourages women to do what makes them feel comfortable, “Find a network of women who are going to support you and a network of men who are also going to support you. There’s no shame, you haven’t done anything to deserve the way you’ve been treated.”

Morgan has received many stories of women who have been sexually harassed since starting her movement. The account @mynightout shows the raw truth of women being treated as objects, and no one doing anything about it. This account aims to bring awareness to the community about the ongoing issue of sexual harassment and put an end to it.

If you have a night out like her don’t be silent—speak up.

Mon’s Picks: Affordable designer bags

In the market for a designer cross body or shoulder bag?

Buying designer brands doesn’t mean you have o break your bank. Here are a few of my picks for affordable designer bags:

#1 GG Marmont Matelassé Mini BagBecause everything Italian should be in red


#2 Prada Metallic Saffiano Leather Camera Bag Metallic  finish to go with everything 

#3 Saint Laurent Monogram Leather Tassel Blogger Pouch- Black for a classic everyday look

#4 Louis Vuitton Nano Noe Monogram Canvas- LV print matches any outfit

louis-vuitton-nano-noe-monogram-canvas-handbags--M41346_PM2_Front view.jpg

Which bag would you save up for?

Fall in love with YOURSELF.

Society often plays up holidays like Valentine’s Day as something larger than they actually are.

The idea behind Valentine’s Day is quite sweet, however we often lose sight of the true meaning.


To love your friends, to love your family, and to also love YOURSELF.

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Self-love is the most important kind of love. You must love yourself first before you are able to love someone else.

You define yourself.

This is something that was difficult for me to understand growing up. I always thought I needed someone to validate that they loved me in order for me to feel good about myself.

The pressure to be happy in a romantic relationship is so severe nowadays. What’s sad is that there is no encouragement modern society to focus on yourself and love YOU.

It took me a few relationships to realize this, but you have to love who you are in and out before extending your heart to others.
That is why I’m asking you to fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Do what makes YOU happy. Buy yourself a donut, a “be mine” cookie or a bottle of rosé. Send yourself flowers, chocolate covered strawberries or a balloon bouquet.

Go to the gym, play hooky for the day to explore your city, whatever it takes this Valentine’s Day; you don’t need someone else to show you love.

You need to show YOURSELF love.

Galentine’s Day Plans?

February 14th is a few days away and everyone has L.O.V.E. on their mind.

Does Valentine’s Day only have to be for couples? Heck no.

Scrap the V for a G and you’ve got yourself a holiday: Galentine’s Day. 

I’m currently in a relationship but I think it’s important to celebrate love not just with your significant other, but everyone around you. Even though the way we act on February 14th should be how we act every other day of the year, it’s a cute holiday to make the people in your life feel a little bit sweeter.

So what should you and your gals do to celebrate your love for each other? Check out my list:

  1. GALS TIME @ WINE O’CLOCK– Everyone bring their favourite bottle of wine (red only of course) to one of your houses and have yourself a wine and cheese night.
  2. MEET FOR SWEETS– Bakery crawl: gather a few of your gf’s and head to 5 of your favourite bakeries in the city because there are tons of yummy specials on this LOVEly day.
  3. “BE MINE SOIREE”– Invite your girlfriends over for a pink & red filled dinner & be sure to have a great playlist filled with female artists who rock our world.
  4. GRL POWER LADY DATE- You and your bestie hit the gym for a great workout to remind yourselves how much you love who you are inside and out.
  5. JAR OF LOVE- Have a nice coffee date equipped with sticky pads. Write 3 things you’re thankful for, for each of your girlfriends sitting at the table. Go around in a circle and take your turns reading them out from the jar.

This cute “Galentine’s Day” checklist from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls site is perfect to include in your festivities…

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls.jpg

Other cute ideas for your sweet get togethers are XO balloons, a heart wall for a cute photog session, pink champagne is a must and TONS and TONS of chocolate.

Whoever you love, show them on Feb. 14th.


Start with a statement

Out with simple jewelry and in with the bold.

It’s time for pearls & gold.

I recently dug up a few hidden gems from my mother’s costume jewelry collection and I am obsessed!


Of course, when you’re heading out for a formal event, these earrings can spice up any simple outfit, but don’t think jewels are only for going out in.

In my opinion, pairing a chunky sweater with a bold chandelier earring can complete a whole outfit as seen here from the Purse Blog:


Accessories are key to adding a bit of your personality to your wardrobe. Pull back your hair in a messy bun, throw on your favourite pair of jeans and finish the outfit off with a statement piece of your choice.